getCredible is the first talent referral platform. We leverage university peer-based referrals, to match candidates to the top employers, ensuring talent gets noticed and matched with the right opportunities.

The primary vision behind getCredible is twofold:

Firstly, we believe that every student deserves an equal shot based on their skills and potential, free from bias.

Secondly, we recognize the challenges, especially faced by international students and fresh graduates, who might lack local connections. getCredible bridges this gap by connecting students with valuable contact references inside companies. This not only levels the playing field but also ensures that talent truly gets noticed, irrespective of where they come from.

In essence, getCredible is all about democratizing access to job opportunities and ensuring a fair, merit-based system where connections are made easy and biases are left behind.

At getCredible, we prioritize referrals from university networks. This means students vouch for their coursemates' skills and talents, which facilitates a deeper, more personal job-matching process than traditional platforms. Moreover, we offer the unique advantage of personal introductions directly to decision-makers like executives and hiring managers. This approach not only boosts hiring conversion rates but also builds trust in a way that other platforms can't match. We believe in the strength and credibility of referrals. Our referred candidates are trusted, leading our customers to place faith in us. In essence, we're not just connecting candidates to jobs; we're forging genuine relationships in the professional realm.

Our app is where the magic happens! By downloading it, you get access to tailored job opportunities, you can refer your coursemates and even earn rewards by unlocking your classroom or when the colleague you refer, gets hired.

We place the utmost importance on your privacy. All referrals on getCredible are anonymous; nobody can see who you referred or who referred you. Moreover, we never share student data with third parties. Your information is exclusively used for matching purposes within our platform. You can be confident that your data is secure with us, and we operate with full transparency, ensuring you always have control over your personal information.

Our support team is always here to help. Contact us through the app, or contact us at marketing@getcredible.io. We’re committed to ensuring you have a seamless experience.

At its core, the system is about students helping students. If you've worked on projects with someone or know of a coursemate's exceptional skills, you can refer them on getCredible. This increases their credibility and profile visibility to potential employers, giving them an edge in the hiring process and if they get hired you earn rewards for their success.

Absolutely! While you might be early in your university journey, it's never too soon to explore part-time opportunities, understand the job market, and even refer talented colleagues you might know.

Encourage your coursemates to refer you on getCredible. The more referrals you receive, the higher your credibility score becomes on the platform. A boosted credibility score not only enhances your profile's visibility but also unlocks access to more job positions. So, in essence, your network's vouching can pave the way for a plethora of opportunities.

Not at all. Your credibility remains intact. Referring someone is about vouching for their skills and potential. It's then up to employers to decide based on their specific needs.

We deeply trust the principle that students have the best insight into their coursemates' abilities. After all, companies might only have a CV glance or a brief interview to evaluate you, which rarely paints the full picture. Your coursemates', however, have spent considerable time with you—studying, collaborating on projects, and more. Their endorsements are, therefore, both genuine and insightful. By leveraging this inherent trust and familiarity, we aim to democratically create a more authentic, transparent, and effective job-matching process.

getCredible caters to a variety of opportunities, from internships to part-time and full-time roles. Our goal is to assist students at every stage of their academic and early professional journey.

No, getCredible is free for students. Our aim is to break barriers, not create them. You get access to top job opportunities and the platform's features without any charges.

Our strategy revolves around a distinct value proposition: peer-based referrals. While many platforms inundate users with generic job listings, getCredible offers a more personalized, credible job-matching process, tapping into the reservoir of trust within university networks. Additionally, our platform's credibility paves the way for personal introductions to key decision-makers like executives and hiring managers, a testament to the trusted relationships we foster with candidates. In an industry where students typically dispatch 37 job applications before securing a position, our approach is nothing short of revolutionary.

Our referral system has three big perks for you. First, the more referrals you get, the more you stand out to top employers, getting an opportunity to get an introduction to them. Also, every time you make a successful referral, you can earn up to £800. So, you get noticed, help friends, and earn rewards.

We're committed to promoting equal opportunities. Our platform and partners embrace diversity, and we continuously work to ensure that our job listings reflect inclusivity and fairness.

Absolutely! getCredible is open to all students, irrespective of nationality. We recognize the value of diverse perspectives and talents in the workplace.

Want to be an Ambassador?

As a getCredible Student Ambassador, you become our voice on campus. You'll promote the platform, guide your coursemates, and earn rewards for doing so. It’s a chance to lead, influence, and significantly impact how hiring happens.

You also get to unlock the classroom, which means you get to invite 20 students within your cohort to the app and once they enter you earn £100.

Firstly, download the getCredible app and register for our Student Ambassador Program. It's straightforward, and the perks are worth it! We value all applicants, but ambassador slots are limited. Selection is based on your ability to showcase a strong connection to your academic cohort and the breadth of your student network. The more influential your network, the higher your chances of being shortlisted as a getCredible Student Ambassador.

As a Student Ambassador, you're in a position to reap numerous benefits.
  • Starting off, you'll earn £100 by enrolling 20 students in a classroom
  • Participate in events and take home £10.5 per hour.
  • Engage in event promotions and earn £10 for every 5 posts on platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Email.
  • Furthermore, referring a fellow student ambassador would land you £10, and if they unlock a classroom, that's another £10 in your pocket.
  • If your referrals land a job through getCredible, there's a potential bonus of up to £800 awaiting you.
  • Beyond the financial rewards, you're also setting yourself up for invaluable networking and experience opportunities.

Unlocking a classroom involves the following steps:
  • Start by downloading the getCredible app on your device.
  • Share the app link with your cohort, classmates, and anyone from your course.
  • Make sure at least 20 students from your course sign up.
  • After achieving that, voilà! You unlock £100.

Yes, we provide orientation and periodic training sessions for our ambassadors. We're invested in ensuring you have all the tools and knowledge to succeed in your role.